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A Japanese steakhouse is a style of restaurant found in Asian countries. It may also be known as a teppanyaki restaurant, which has gained huge popularity in the United States. This type of restaurant specializes in broiled meat and fish on an iron griddle called a teppan or hibachi, traditionally used for frying food such as tempura. Many restaurants also offer sushi or other traditional dishes on their menu. Japanese steakhouses are known for their exciting atmosphere. Multiple groups of people often sit together and end up mixing and mingling, as the hibachi chefs entertain them with fire, flying shrimp, and many jokes along the way.
While you’re waiting for your main course, why not try an appetizer? We have a wide selection of sushi, sashimi, Japanese tempura, and more. You can also start with a miso soup, gyoza dumplings, and edamame, as well as some new favorites like teriyaki chicken wings and fried dynamite shrimp in yuzu spicy mayo.


Teppanyaki or hibachi is a style of cooking that originated in Japan. It refers to dishes that are cooked on a large flat iron griddle over an open flame at the table, right in front of you. Hibachi in itself can trace its origins from the term “teppanyaki”, which in the Japanese language loosely equates to “grilling over an iron plate”. The chef will show off his knife skills as he cooks your food perfectly while adding extra flair while flipping food onto your plate – and even into your mouth if you are up for it. Entree options often include steak, chicken, shrimp, and scallops. There is often also a fried tofu option for vegetarians, that even meat eaters love. Typical side dishes served are soup, salad, fried rice, and sauteed mixed veggies.


Tempura is a typical Japanese dish usually consisting of seafood, meat and vegetables that have been battered and deep fried. It’s made with a light, crispy batter and can be eaten as an appetizer or as a main dish, such as tempura soba, where you enjoy a hot noodle dish with tempura on the side to dip in.


Teriyaki is a cooking technique that involves grilling or broiling meat or fish and applying a sauce made of mirin, soy sauce, sugar, and sake. The result is a sweet-and-salty dish that’s often served over rice and vegetables. Typically you’ll see teriyaki chicken on Japanese steakhouse menus but you can add it with steak or any other main dish for an extra pop of flavor you definitely won’t regret trying.
Sushi is often also available to order at your hibachi table at most Japanese steakhouses. You could choose a variety of specialty maki rolls or a sashimi dinner served with miso soup and white rice. If you’re lucky, your hibachi chef will probably still throw you a shrimp flambé to try and catch in your mouth, so you can enjoy the hibachi experience to the fullest as well.