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Asian food
Food is essential and ensures that people are well-nourished and happy. It can serve as a bridge to bring people together and allows individuals the opportunity to connect with other cultures. You can tell much about a culture by their cuisine. It’s truly a universal language to be experienced and explored.

Asian cuisine is incredibly varied

Before we dive into the particulars, it’s important to note that Asian cuisine is a broad category. It generally includes food from East Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, etc.), Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.), and South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, etc.). As you can imagine, Asia is the largest and most populous continent. It’s home to many cultures, all of which have their own characteristic cuisine.

But what are some of the other common elements? Ingredients common to many cultures include rice, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, soy, and tofu. If you were to ask five random people on the street what they think “Asian food” means, chances are good that each person would give you a different answer. Chinese noodles? No. Sushi rolls? Yes! Fried rice or Pad Thai? All of these things are definitely part of an Asian diet—and all delicious in their own way—but there are many other dishes that could go under this umbrella term as well: pho noodle soup from Vietnam; congee porridge from China; dumplings from Japan; samosas filled with curried potatoes and peas from India…the list goes on.

Asian food is without a doubt a favorite around the globe

There are a myriad of reasons why it’s one of the most popular types of food around the world.

  • To begin with the obvious, it’s absolutely delicious. Asian food is known for offering an explosion of flavor in each bite ranging from sweet to salty to spicy – often all these flavors at once. Umami is known as the fifth taste – it includes sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. It means “the essence of deliciousness” in Japanese. It’s often described as a savory deliciousness with a deep flavor.
  • Asian food has a huge variety, not just across Asia, but within individual countries and regions. Each one with its own dishes, special ingredients, and cooking traditions.
  • As opposed to Western cuisines that focus on individual portions, Asian food is oriented around sharing. This not only offers a great opportunity to try several types of dishes in one sitting, but speaks volumes about the values of many Asian cultures.
  • Asian food is also generally quite healthy. Often there is a big focus on vegetables, herbs, and spices that are not only delicious, but immune boosting. This can be seen in the longevity of certain Asian countries and their lower rates of obesity and of diet-related disease.
  • Finally, it is quite accessible. Despite what you may think, it’s typically not very expensive, whether you are visiting a food stall in Korea or stopping by your local Vietnamese restaurant. This definitely adds to its global appeal.

Asian food in Vestal, NY

Due to the huge popularity of Asian food across the globe, you can find many options of Asian restaurants all over, in the biggest cities and even the smallest towns. Located in Vestal, New York, Kampai Japanese Steakhouse is the first Japanese restaurant in the Southern Tier and the oldest operating in Upstate NY. They have been serving authentic Japanese food to the greater Binghamton community for nearly five decades. Enjoy hibachi, sushi, and traditional Japanese food all under one roof.


They are best known for their hibachi dining experience. With food, fire, and flying shrimp, it has all the ingredients for a memorable meal. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just having a fun night out, the expert chefs will entertain you as they cook your meal right before your eyes.


Kampai is also known for the Binghamton area’s most authentic sushi and sashimi. Each piece of sushi is made to order, using the freshest fish and the highest quality ingredients. Grab a seat at the sushi bar and enjoy service directly from the chefs, or order sushi right to your hibachi or traditional table.


For a quieter experience, try the traditional dining room with private tables. Discover authentic Japanese dishes like tempura, udon, beef negimaki, and so much more right in Vestal, NY.

Asian food is a general term for the cuisine hailing from dozens of Asian countries. While there are several commonalities between them all, each one has their own unique culinary tradition. Asian food is so special because it offers eaters an opportunity to experience a distinct culture while enjoying an absolutely delicious meal. What cuisine will you discover next?